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Our operations prioritize sustainability, efficiency, and responsible practices throughout the value chain. We offer our customers sustainable technology to reduce their impact.


Procurement & Supply Chain


Ship with responsible, 100% recyclable packaging.


Reduce your carbon footprint from travel with local and remote tech services available for assistance.

Device Recycling


Avoid contributing to landfills with our device recycling programs.


Meet your sustainability goals and regulatory requirements with a full-service partner.

Energy-Efficient Solutions 
and Services


Lower energy consumption with
eco-friendly devices.


Reduce power and water use with CDW data center cooling solutions.

CDW's Sustainability Offerings

We offer a range of programs to support every phase of your device's lifecycle, so that making the sustainable choice is also the easiest choice.

Reuse, Resell and Recycle


Recover value and responsibly dispose of devices you're no longer using. Our IT Asset Disposition program enables proper device wiping, removal and recycling services. Since 2022, ITAD's impact has only grown, with 38,524 devices processed from CDW customers, and 214,265 pounds of e-waste diverted from landfills and illegal export.

Extend Asset Life


Third-party maintenance can increase the lifetime of your tech. And with local assistance available, you can improve the efficiency of your investments from reduced travel emissions.

Manage Printer UseLife


Our Printer Supplies Program includes complementary enrollment in PrintReleaf, a third-party certification program to help sustain and grow global forest systems. CDW customers have collectively offset the equivalent of more than 1.2 billion standard pages of paper consumption and supported the reforesting of over 140,000 trees.




John Coleman

Director, Sustainability – Product & Partner Management

Visit our Sustainability page to learn more about how we implement sustainability at CDW and our solutions.

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